Crafting Cocktails – Level One

Cocktail Making Class with Hansen Distillery and Dash Mixology

When done properly, a cocktail can truly become a piece of art. And any piece of art needs an artist to create it. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating these masterpieces, but there are many variables that can take your cocktail from a “paint by numbers” product to the “Mona Lisa” of cocktails.

Hansen Distillery, Edmonton’s premier craft spirits producer, and Dash Mixology have teamed up to help you with the fundamentals to help you channel your inner artist to create craft cocktails that will impress anyone you make them for – even if it’s only for yourself!


– cocktail making class (see detailed outline below)

– make and sample four cocktails

– light snacks

– tour of Hansen Distillery to see how craft spirits are produced

– course book to take home with tips and recipes

– all supplies and tools will be provided to master that perfect mix (no need to bring your own from home)


Rylan Martin is gaining recognition amongst Western Canada’s most celebrated Mixologists. He’s worked as a member of several Edmonton based bar teams, one of which achieved Avenue Magazine’s ‘Best Cocktails in Edmonton’ during his two years at North 53.  Rylan is passionate about putting well crafted, balanced, and beautiful drinks in front of every guest that would sit at his bar.  He’s currently furthering his craft cocktail chops behind the wood at Hansen Distillery.



Hansen Tasting Room Bar Program:

An introduction to Hansen Distillery, who we are, and the style of cocktail service we provide. A brief rundown of the majority of products we sell and how they are integrated into a ‘not-too-pretentious’ cocktail program that refuses to take itself too seriously, while still intending to exceed client expectations.

Learn to Mix Cocktail One

Syrups 101:

Simple Syrup is called “simple” for a reason. If you can cook a box of Kraft Dinner, you have no excuse to be overwhelmed by making syrups from scratch.

How to confidently make simple syrups, fruit syrups, tea syrups, orgeats/nut syrups (without a recipe).

Ice Basics:

Crushed, cubed, large blocks, and beyond. Invade your freezer with various ice molds. Dress up a cocktail with flavoured/coloured ice. Learn the benefits of different shapes and sizes, proper storage of ice, tools and tips, and how to create clear ice.

Tools of the Trade:

At home solutions and substitutions if you don’t have proper bar tools. What tools I prefer to use and where to get them. A brief run through of glassware and why you’d want to use one over the other.

Learn to Mix Cocktail Two

Physical Mechanics:

When to shake and when to stir and why. How did Ian Fleming ruin the Martini for everyone. How to confidently and properly shake a drink. How to strain, and when to bother “double straining.”

How to Build a Balanced Cocktail:

What order should I add ingredients? What do I mean by “balanced”? How to invent your very own cocktails and know what ratios to use. How to use liqueurs, bitters, aperitifs, or that weird bottle your family left you 3 Thanksgivings ago.

Using Eggs:

What’s there to be afraid of? The science of using egg whites. How to shake a cocktail that uses egg whites. What about yolks?

Learn to Mix Cocktail Three

Garnish Life Hacks:

Why not garnish everything? We’ll cover bitters art on foamy drinks, using stencils, peelers, stamps, clothespins, herbs, dehydrated fruit, spices, and artistic expression that will blow away any guest.

Basic Back Bar Bottles:

How do I know what to buy? Liqueurs, Bitters, Vermouths, Amari, and Niche Spirits.

Learn to Mix Cocktail Four