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Northern Eyes Whisky

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Northern Eyes Whisky is an authentic Canadian Rye Whisky with nothing to hide.

Whether you’re mixing an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Whisky Sour, or a Rye & Coke, Northern Eyes Whisky is the perfect choice. Enjoy this expression neat or over ice and you’ll be rewarded with plenty of layers of nuance that’s unlike any other whisky of this age. We hope you enjoy this savoury and spicy spirit that offers notes of spiced pear, tobacco, dark caramel and vanilla.

Northern Eyes Whisky is the first Authentic, single barrel whisky to come from Edmonton, Alberta.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: pear, leather, and tobacco
Palate: savoury and spicy with notes of dark caramel, mild vanilla, black pepper, and caramelized banana.
Finish: crisp with spiced pear while the barrel char and mild tobacco notes linger long afterwards

750ml, 43%ABV 100% Alberta Rye Whisky

Does not contain dairy.

Gluten-free, but produced in a facility with open grain.

Does not contain nuts, but produced in a facility that is not nut-free.

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