More than ten years ago on the shores of the North Saskatchewan, Oilersnation founder Wanye Gretz discovered a bottle. Within this bottle was one drop of an elixir so bold and so pure that, upon tasting it, a new YEG Hope was born within him.

One decade of darkness later, Sir Gretz stumbled into the Hansen Distillery, where his lips once again tasted this elusive concoction. Immediately, hope ripped through his chest and a new partnership was born. Labels were printed, bottles were made and now it is yours.

Taste the hope…it will never die.

Triple filtered and 30 times distilled, Nation Vodka is made right, right here at Hansen Distillery in Edmonton, Alberta.

‘Here’s to the next 10 years and the 10 after that and on and on forever. HERES TO WINNING A GAJILLION CUPS YO’

-Sir Wanye Gretz