Photograph by Darren Jacknisky (Bluefish Studios) for Avenue Magazine

About us

When our founders, Shayna and Kris, established the Distillery in Edmonton, Alberta, they carried with them a family legacy of moonshiners, outlaws, and survivors. Generations on, that legacy remains in the form of passion, mastery, and a rebel spirit.

That spirit is no longer about slinging the finest shine at backroom socials. Now it is embodied in our rebellion against convention, in our drive to use only top-quality ingredients, in our creative spirit and experimentation.

Hansen Distillery continues to rage against normalcy, to punch above our weight on pure merit— merit that comes from distilling our craft spirits the right way, right here. We will only use the best ingredients delivered by producers that we know and trust, those producers that allow us to put our boots in the soil that grows our ingredients, to touch, to taste, to understand where the flavours come from.

We need to be involved in the process from start to finish. Testing, tasting, finding new and revolutionary flavours and production methods. We need you to feel special every time you pick up a bottle with our name on it, to do our legacy proud, and to make sure you taste the passion that we’ve poured into every sip.

Our rebel spirit is alive and well, and we use it to drive us to try new things, to experiment with new ingredients and flavours, and allow our community and people all across Canada to experience the new face of fine spirits.

Welcome to Hansen Distillery.