Distiller’s Edition Whisky

Hansen Distillery is proud to offer our very own line of Distiller’s Edition Whisky. Each edition is a limited series of single barrel whisky that has been handcrafted by the Head Distiller as he explores new and unique expressions of his whisky.

French Oak X Port Cask

The Stats

Alc: 47%
Proof: 94
Non-chill Filtered
Bottles Available: 336
Price: $89 / 750 mL bottle (plus applicable taxes)

The Flavours

This first expression is a single barrel offering of 100% rye grain, carefully aged first in French Oak that once held red wine, and then transferred to a former port barrel to finish the aging process.

As you lay your eyes on this beautiful whisky, you will be met with a rich buttery caramel colour.

On the nose you experience notes of salted caramel, pepper, rich cherry and a hint of mint, which will envelope your senses. As the whisky splashes across your palate, you will taste the influence of the port barrel with a subtle buttery walnut note.

From there, you move towards the peppery spice that only rye can offer, and finish with a cherry note alongside slight tannins that has been provided by the French Oak.

Sherry Cask

The Flavours

This beautiful sherried whisky is made from a spirit laid down for 22 months in French Oak casks, followed by resting in sherry casks for 41 months. Ideal for the whisky connoisseur; Hansen Distillery is proud to release the second expression in our Distiller’s Edition Whisky lineup. The palate is welcomed with rich cherry, black currant, light vanilla, and notes of subtle pepper. Benefitting from being bottled at cask strength, this whisky has lots of character from the sherry casks, pairing well with a soft or sharp cheese.

Appearance: Dark brown sugar, rich caramel.

Notes: Balanced walnuts followed by an aroma of golden raisin and butter tart.

Palate: Well-structured tannin notes from start to finish, with balanced walnut notes, touches of cherry and cassis, moving into light vanilla and pepper notes for a complex finish.

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