Northern Eyes Whisky - 5 YEAR

Hansen Distillery is delighted to share our second expression of Northern Eyes Whisky.

Northern Eyes 5 Year Whisky carries on the tradition of single barrel, 100% Alberta rye whisky. It is aged in our signature new American oak casks and bottled at 100 proof, in combination with pure Alberta spring water.

Easy on the eyes, the hue is reminiscent of golden raisins. The nose presents warm vanilla, fresh baking spices, and rye stone fruit. Upon first sip, you’re greeted by rich butterscotch and a decadent vanilla custard. The finish features notes of warmed black pepper and the familiar Northern Eyes tobacco and oak tannins.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Golden Amber
Nose: Vanilla, baking spices, stone fruit
Palate: Butterscotch, vanilla custard with notes of pepper and tobacco
Finish: Charred oak finish with a hint of wild tart cherry


Northern Eyes Whisky - 3 YEAR

The Pride of Edmonton

As far as aged whisky goes, three years may not seem like a long time. However, in Edmonton’s very new craft distilling industry, three years is not only significant – it’s historic!

Handcrafted by distiller Kris Sustrik using 100% Alberta rye, and aged for three years in a single American oak barrel.

Proofed down to 43% ABV

Tasting Notes:

Nose: pear, leather, and tobacco
Palate: savoury and spicy with notes of dark caramel, mild vanilla, black pepper, and caramelized banana.
Finish: crisp with spiced pear while the barrel char and mild tobacco notes linger long afterwards


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