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Check out what’s currently on the shelves at our distillery! From moonshine to cream liqueur, here is a complete list of what’s available at Hansen.

And, check out our VAULT for some of our previous releases.


Rapsberry Vodka

Combining a fresh sweetness with a subtle tart undertone, our raspberry vodka is the ideal drink for the summer time.

750ml / 20% ABV

French Oak x Sherry Cask Distiller's Whisky

This beautiful sherried whisky is made from a spirit laid down for 22 months in French Oak casks, followed by resting in sherry casks for 41 months. Ideal for the whisky connoisseur; Hansen Distillery is proud to release the second expression in our Distiller’s Edition Whisky lineup. This whisky has lots of character from the sherry casks, pairing well with a soft or sharp cheese

750ml / 60.6% ABV

Mulled Cranberry Moonshine

If Christmas Spirit could be captured in a bottle, this is what it would taste like.

Our famous Hansen moonshine is the base of this seasonal spirit, and is infused with real cranberries, a mix of only the best mulling spices, and sweetened up with some real cranberry juice and brown sugar.


750ml / 21.2% ABV

Peppermint Schnapps

 The essence of candy cane, captured in a bottle. This Peppermint Schnapps has the Midas touch that turns every drink into Christmas. Guaranteed to add some cheer to your hot chocolate, and the perfect partner in crime alongside any Hansen Distillery cream liqueurs for a festive coffee.

375ml / 27% ABV

Gingerbread cream liqueur

Homemade gingerbread cookies have the special ability to make people smile. Each year, we eagerly anticipate the warm and fuzzies we get from the comforting flavours of molasses, fresh ginger, cinnamon and vanilla blending perfectly to create a memorable moment in time.

We’ve taken these festive flavours and blended them with real cream and our famous locally-made spirits to create this special treat.

750ml / 17% ABV

Purple Cow - Saskatoon Berry Cream Liqueur

Saskatoon berries served the way they were always intended; macerated in alcohol and slathered in cream. Decadent and irreverently purple, add a splash to whipped cream for any desert. Elevate a dark roast coffee, or black tea. Whatever your choice, you know where to come back if you need more.

750ml / 17.4%ABV

Morning Glory - Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Liqueur

Chocolate lovers rejoice. This silky-smooth cream liqueur celebrates two of the finest ingredients ever combined – milk chocolate and hazelnut. Perfect as a sweet sipper on ice, or added to your coffee for a luxurious indulgence, this fan favourite is like dessert in your glass.

750ml / 17.4% ABV

Salted Caramel Cream Liqueur

From our hearts to yours, this bottle is a tribute to the friends we’ve made over the years. Salted Caramel is a rich and delicious cream liqueur that is best enjoyed alongside the company of a friend or neighbour. Enjoy over ice, on top of apple pie, or added to coffee.

750ml / 17%ABV 

Pink Josee

An ode to summertime parties and sun-drenched fairways, Pink Josee is expertly distilled to provide a passionfruit pop and a peach afterglow to the classic lemonade vodka formula. It’s best enjoyed iced, splashed into lemonade, mixed with soda, or blended into your favourite summer cocktails.

750ml / 25% ABV

3 Year Northern Eyes Whisky

Whether you’re mixing an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Whisky Sour, or a Rye & Coke, Northern Eyes Whisky is the perfect choice. Enjoy this expression neat or over ice and you’ll be rewarded with plenty of layers of nuance that’s unlike any other whisky of this age. We hope you enjoy this savoury and spicy spirit that offers notes of spiced pear, tobacco, dark caramel and vanilla.

750ml / 43%ABV 

Old Fashioned Root Beer Moonshine

Old Fashioned Root Beer Moonshine is the perfect companion for soda, an excitingly sweet addition to your old fashioned cocktail, and you can always float a creative pairing with your favourite ice cream.

750ml / 30.9% ABV

Secret Stash Moonshine

Inspired by a collection of rum and brandy, and possible intentions of selfishly hiding it all, we introduce a mischievous flavoured spirit. Secret Stash Spiced Moonshine will warm your toddies, spike your nogs, and torque your colas. An old family recipe of pineapple, all spice, and vanilla infused in classic Hansen shine that we’re willing to share if you’re willing to keep a secret.

750ml / 35.7% ABV

Peppered Garlic Bacon Moonshine


750ml / 31.2% ABV

Family Tradition Moonshine


750ml / 35%ABV 

End of the Line Moonshine

A truly Albertan portrayal of moonshine that is not for the faint of heart. Earthy flavour, nutty, and brimming with cereal, every sip paints an imbiber’s mind with images of rolling fields, combines harvesting grain, or restful moments on a bale of hay. End Of The Line Moonshine is a bold sipping spirit, but also pairs audaciously with grapefruit, pineapple, and lime.

750ml  / 50% ABV

Barn Owl Vodka

Light aromas of cake frosting, pepper met with a hint of citrus, and a delicately sweet finish. Gold Edition Barn Owl Vodka is crafted from Albertan triticale grain, distilled 30 times and triple filtered to create a flavour experience that is uniquely Albertan. A delicious spirit that stands on its own, or an ideal vodka for mixing up your favourite cocktails.

750ml / 40% ABV

Ring of Fire Rye - Cinnamon Liquor

Jam packed with all natural cinnamon with a hint of fire from chilli peppers, this product is named after the famous song from one of our distiller’s favourite artists – Mr. Johnny Cash. It’s bold and brash, just like Mr. Cash, and can be tasted on its own as a sweet sipper, or mixed into your favourite cocktail. 

750ml / 25% ABV

Trouble Gin

A burst of citrus zest, infused with coriander, hibiscus, elderberries and a crisp finish of peppery juniper to create a very pleasantly balanced gin with a soft texture. Citrus forward and floral, Trouble Gin loves to create a scene with quality tonic, is an absolute darling in a classic Aviation cocktail, and an exquisite selection for a Martini.

750ml / 40%ABV 

Prairie Storm Cocktail

Spiced Pineapple & Ginger Canned Cocktail in collaboration with Confluence Distilling.

4 x 355ml / 5% ABV

The Vault

Previous Releases

Browse through our list of previously released spirits! Some of these spirits may be returning to our distillery, others were a one-time release, but rest assured, we’re always working up new ways to combine fresh ingredients the Hansen way.

Pumpkin Spice Cream Liqueur

Pumpkin Spice lovers rejoice! This one is for you! Made with REAL pumpkin and spices, use this to level-up your PSL or coffee, or simply add it over ice for a cool fall treat.

750ml / 17%ABV

Watermelon Gin

A refreshingly original summer gin. Award winning Trouble Gin infused with fresh watermelon for a well-rounded botanical gin that performs perfectly in your favourite gin cocktail.

750ml / 40% ABV

Tropic Sunset Vodka

Summer isn’t just a season, it’s an attitude. When that summer sun goes down, the flavour party is just getting started. Best enjoyed with fresh fruit juices for the perfect tropical cocktail.

750ml / 25% ABV

Blueberry Mojito Vodka

Stacation in a Bottle 

Blueberry Mojito is the perfect companion for ice, soda, and a wedge of lime, It features a maceration of Canadian blueberries and fresh mint that’s a beachin’ vacation in a bottle. 

750ml / 40% ABV

S'more Than a Feeling Cream Liqueur

Summer nights, sticky fingers, and campfire songs all bottled up with the finest distilled spirits to deliver you back to your childhood memories. Best enjoyed surrounded by friends and the great outdoors; straight up, on ice, in coffee, or on ice cream.

750ml / 17% ABV

Country Charm Cherry Pie Moonshine

A special dinner at the family farmstead wouldn’t be complete without a hearty slice of homemade cherry pie. Sour cherries macerated and dusted with cinnamon, vanilla, and fresh nutmeg, baked in a buttery crust. Hansen Distillery Country Charm is the perfect after dinner, sweet sipping companion. Enjoy on ice, with your favourite soda, or as an ideal liqueur for mixing.

750ml / 25% ABV

Distiller's Edition French Oak x Port Cask Whisky

This first expression is a single barrel offering of 100% rye grain, carefully aged first in French Oak that once held red wine, and then transferred to a former port barrel to finish the aging process.

750ml / 47% ABV

Barreled Trouble Gin

The bright, citrus forward idiosyncrasies of Trouble Gin paired against the darker, caramelized barreled goodness one might expect of whisky. While aging our gin in a barrel creates a characteristic juxtaposition of light and dark, yin and yang, a florally soft texture ties these opposing natures together deliciously.

750ml / 42% ABV

Grandma Jingle Bells Lime Moonshine

In honour of the generations before us, Hansen Distillery is proud to release this time tested family recipe. Originally only ever produced in small batches by the guitar slinging, moonshine sipping, sharp as a whip, Grandma, “Jingle Bells” Laura Hansen. When Grandma made her moonshine, she sought to make a beverage that was bright, crisp, and incredibly smooth. Consumed straight, over ice, or easily mixed.

750ml / 35% ABV

Honey Rhubarb Gin

This seasonal spirit features real locally sourced rhubarb and honey. Replace it in your favourite gin cocktail, or make a simple highball with soda and a twist of lime for a refreshing treat.

750ml / 41% ABV

K-97 Bark and the Moonshine - Apple Pie Moonshine

Dip your fangs into this…One howl of a good Moonshine, with a powerful bite and full moon flavour that rocks! Trust us, one sip and you’ll be transformed…and with proceeds going to the K-97 Little Miracles Trust Fund, you’re transforming other lives for the the better, too. Awoooo!

 Enjoy as-is over ice, or top with soda and a wedge of citrus.

750ml / 25% ABV

Northern Eyes Whiskey - 5 Year

Northern Eyes 5 Year Whisky carries on the tradition of single barrel, 100% Alberta rye whisky. Aged in our signature new American oak casks, bottled at 95 proof, in combination with pure Alberta spring water.
Easy on the eyes, the hue is reminiscent of golden raisins. The nose presents warm vanilla, fresh baking spices, and rye stone fruit. Upon first sip, you’re greeted by rich butterscotch and a decadent vanilla custard. The finish features notes of warmed black pepper and the familiar Northern Eyes tobacco and oak tannins.

Northern Eyes Whisky | Cask Strength Special Edition Release

As far as whisky goes, three years may not seem like a long time. However, in Edmonton’s very new craft distilling industry, three years is not only significant – it’s historic.

Handcrafted by distiller Kris Sustrik using 100% Alberta rye, and aged for three years in a single American oak barrel.

750ml / 65.4% ABV

Orange Blossom Special


750ml / 30% ABV

Raspberry Moonshine

 Combining a fresh sweetness with a subtle tart undertone, our Raspberry Moonshine is the ideal drink for the summertime.

750ml / 20% ABV

Sugar Shine in Tribute to Don Hansen


375ml / 55% ABV

Spiced Peach Moonshine


375ml / 20% ABV

Border Crossing Rye Spirit


375ml / 40% ABV

Blueberry Basil Moonshine


375ml / 22.4% ABV

Vanilla Fig Moonshine


375ml / 31.5% ABV

Cherry Rye Spirit


375ml / 19% ABV