New, lower bottle prices now available at Hansen Distillery

In December 2017, the Government of Alberta and Alberta Gaming and Liquor Corporation (AGLC) announced they are reducing the liquor markup for small manufacturers of spirits on  self-distributed products, which is of tremendous benefit to Hansen Distillery, and its customers.

As a result of this change, which will positively impact the entire craft distilling business in Alberta, Hansen Distillery is reducing our bottle pricing to pass on these benefits to the consumer.

In 2017, our first year of operations, we received numerous questions from customers and liquor store owners about the pricing structure of our craft spirits. Because the price per bottle of locally produced craft spirits is not often competitive with global brands the majority of Albertans are most familiar with, we often had to explain why this is so.

Hansen Distillery Bottle Pricing Structure

Our retail pricing accounts for the following expenses necessary to produce and distribute our spirits:

  • AGLC taxes
  • Federal taxes
  • AGLC Liquor Connect storage and distribution expenses
  • Bottle and labelling hard costs
  • Sourcing quality fresh and local ingredients
  • Water, power and utilities required to produce the spirits
  • Production and distilling time
  • Bottling and labour costs
  • Quality controls
  • Research and development, and product marketing

In the previous model, the margins were so low that we were barely making a profit on the sale of our bottles. However, this new model means we are paying less tax to the government per bottle, and can therefore pass some of the savings onto our customers.

Effective January 18, our new bottle pricing is as follows:
(please note these prices are before applicable taxes and applied to bottle sales directly from Hansen Distillery or Prices may be different at various liquor retailers across Alberta, and liquor retailers will still be provided wholesale prices.)

Barn Owl Vodka $39.25
Barn Owl Gold Vodka $42.25
Border Crossing Rye $39.75
Red Cask 47 Rye $42.25
Trouble Gin $41.75
Barreled Trouble (Gin) $42.75
Cherry Rye $29.75
Ring of Fire (Cinnamon Rye) $32.50
End of the Line Moonshine $40.00
Morning Glory (Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Liqueur) $33.25

“We are grateful for all the support of our customers, and this is a small way we can make our spirits more affordable for them,” said Kris Sustrik, co-owner and distiller at Hansen Distillery. “We are proud to be part of a growing craft distilling industry in Alberta, and we are thrilled to see the Government of Alberta make changes that will enable us to grow and thrive and continue to contribute to the local and provincial economy.”